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My next performance is the Fight Cancer Music Festival in Vernon BC on Sept 23 2017! If your in the area, please come check it out and support the fight!


About Me

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, so it doesn't come as a surprise that at the age of 13 I took to the guitar. That summer was life changing for me; having heard "In Utero" for the first time totally blew the doors of what I perceived music to be! 


Till that point I was raised on 50's, 60's and 70's music and had not ventured in to "Modern" music. I had no idea what Rock, Alternative or Grunge was, so when I heard this CD, it was an incredible departure from what I thought music to be - Just something we enjoyed while driving in the car.


This new sound reached me at my core and I discovered that I could relate to music like never before. The guitar was intoxicating and the vocals so emotional, I couldn't get enough! The next day I was shown how to play  a few Nirvana riffs on the guitar and it blew me away that I could replicate the music that I was hearing! And I was hooked, with a whole new music genera to explore ahead of me I started buying all the CD's and TAB Books that I could afford (That's how we rolled back in the day lol)!

Ever since then I have been learning how to sing and play guitar. I have been in numerous bands and projects having played all over Western Canada from small "Hole inthe wall" bars to The 100th Calgary Stampede. 

Most recenetly I have teamed up with my good friends to create, record and produce original music. Stay tuned here for more info on that as well as my upcoming live performances!

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